Other concerns

You may be wondering if I see anyone besides women and couples. Yes! My expertise in treating depression and anxiety disorders over the last eight years extends to both men and women in all stages of life. I work with men and women around general depression, anxiety, life transitions, PTSD, sexual abuse, co-dependence, and have many clients who identify as LGBTQ as well as those experiencing faith crises. My experience in treating postpartum OCD led me to an interest in general OCD as well. My specialty within my work with couples is in treating addictions of all kinds. I also have years of experience working with those going through divorce or looking for help in recovering after a break-up. If you are wondering if we’d be a good fit or if I have experience with a certain issue, please don’t hesitate to call or text me. If you have a concern which I do not have expertise in treating I am happy to talk with you by phone and refer you to another qualified professional. 

Please keep reaching out until you find the help you need and deserve! (541) 337-4960

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